So. What does Ello do?

Specialise in outdoor COMMERCIAL content.

Showcase your BRANDS story.

PROFESSIONAL Imagery and Video.

Quality RACE event Photography.

Digital marketing to GROW your brand.

Hands on approach to ANY location.

Create MEMORABLE social media ads.


Every BRAND has a story.

But the way we CONSUME them has changed.

Today video is REVOLUTIONISING social media.

1200 TIMES the shares of text/image based content. 

Educate, entertain, showcase with VIDEO.

Drive more TRAFFIC with video.

Build meaningful RELATIONSHIPS with your audience.

Are you using video yet?

Brands I've worked with

This is the latest on Instagram. 

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Upstream NZ is a rad organisation supporting young people throughout Aotearoa, they work with businesses and charities providing a link between the two to make a difference in the community.

I am proud to be an approved supplier for them, helping make a small difference locally in the lives of young people! If you'd like to work with them give Upstream NZ a google or I'm more than happy to help connect you!


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Hello from Ello

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