Do you work around New Zealand and In other countries? 

- Yes, we are more than happy to travel, we always factor this into our prices when working with you to make sure it's as affordable as possible.

What if I just want one or two films made and don't want a whole package?

- We totally understand this, all we want to do is make you some epic content, so yes we can do that!

Can we get some of our photos printed?

- Heck yeah, we love this, we are more than happy to help here. We work closely with our-print shop in Christchurch to make sure we have the highest quality!

Do you shoot events or weddings?

- Sure can! Get in touch with us to make it happen!

Are you hiring?

- Are you groovy? Then maybe. Say Hello.

We don't think any of your packages are a good fit for us?

- No problem, let's find one that is then, we're more than happy to create something custom that works for you!

All your packages are priced weekly, do we have to pay weekly?

- Nope. It's free. JK, we charge at a weekly rate but invoice our clients monthly. 

Can we have a meeting over coffee?

- uh yes, we can have a meeting over a beer, coffee or cocktail. 

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